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Simon & Lesley

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

If you were looking to get married and obtain a tan which would cause envy amongst most of the Spanish population then this was the day...

It all happened at Stock Farm - a wonderfully compact, renovated barn in Cheshire. Everyone was in the finest of summer moods, sporting RayBan sunglasses and enamoured with the closeness of the newly married Simon and Lesley.

I often get choked up when the vows come along and either the bride or groom (sometimes both) get a lump in their throat and a happy tear rolls down a cheek, but such is the adoration Simon and Lesley have for each other, I couldn't help but prepare my excuses of 'I get hay fever quite badly, plus I think my contact lens is a bit sticky...and I may have popcorn in my eye.'

After we all recovered and dried our tears, the rest of the day was perfect; cloudless skies, cold beers all round, the groomsmen singing Westlife in the cornfields, including the ever-present key change.

Simon and Lesley are wonderful people blessed with devoted friends and family, and the pleasure was all mine in capturing this day for them.

Thank you for putting your faith in me!



Dress: Justin Alexander

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