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Rachel & Stu

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Their first dance was to a brass brand arrangement of the Jurassic Park theme. Not 'The Lost World', the original...

Rachel and Stu are pioneers; their vows were taken in the tramlines of a badminton court in New Mills Town Hall, they held their reception at Torr Vale Mill which was their first ever event, and certainly won't be the last and I've never seen Thai Green curry produced in bulk quite the way it was on this particular day.

They were surrounded by their closest friends, family, colleagues who are also friends - all of which enjoyed a wonderful sunny day in a quintessential Peak District town.

Congratulations to Torr Vale Mill on producing such a great setting for a wedding which ticked all sorts of boxes. Thank you to Rachel & Stu! For your trust, engagement and willingness to ensure a hungry photographer gets fed.

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